Case meta-synthesis

Submitted by Jochem on Feb 19, 2024 in Methodology

Case meta-synthesis

Metasynthesis is currently considered one of the most promising directions for qualitative research, as it can contribute to the generalizability of qualitative findings and increase their impact. This methodology can also be applied to case studies. Members of the SCA have recently published two papers using this methodology:

Krivzov, J., Hannon, D., & Meganck, R. (2021). Approaching psychotherapy case studies in a metasynthesis: Deficit vs. conflict in treatment of medically unexplained symptoms. In M. Borcsa & C. Willig (Eds.), Qualitative Research Methods in Mental Health (pp. 37-63). Springer International Publishing.

Krivzov, J. Baert, F., Meganck, R., Cornelis, S. (2021). Interpersonal dynamics and therapeutic relationships in patients with functional somatic syndromes: a metasynthesis of case studies. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 68, 593-607.

Both papers contain large method sections in which the reader can find information about the epistemological background, the theory-building approach, the role of the Single Case Archive, the practical aspects of the data analysis procedure, and the limitations of case study metasynthesis.

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