Call for Expression of Interest: EU COST Action

Submitted by Jochem on Jun 12, 2022 in announcement

Call for Expression of Interest: EU COST Action

We are looking for European psychotherapy researchers in any stage of their career who might be interested to join a EU COST Action funding application on case conceptualization and case study research. COST is European funding to set up research and innovation networks and organise networking activities over a period of 4 years (2023-2027). COST does not fund staff costs, overhead, equipment etc. This particular COST Action application is being prepared by members of the Single Case Archive board. We aim to establish a sustainable European research network of about 20 to 40 researchers and stakeholders who are interested in increasing the impact of case conceptualization and case studies on evidence-based practice in the field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy. COST Actions are organized in a very specific way with a Management Committee and Working Groups. We will be looking for people who want to take up a role in this structure.

COST can be used to fund some of the activities you are already doing (e.g., conference participation, workshops and training). On top of that, this COST Action will allow you to embed these activities in a European network of researchers with similar interests, develop new networking activities, and push forwards this particular area of research by contributing to consensus statements. If you are interested to be involved, please contact Jochem and Greta and they will send you a draft proposal. We are happy to discuss this further in an individual meeting via Teams or Zoom.

The deadline for submission is October 20th 2022, so we do not have an excessive amount of time to prepare the application. This is the timeline for the preparation of this application:

  • June 2022: call for expression of interest
  • July-August 2022: individual consultations with researchers who are interested to participate
  • 12 September 2-4PM CET: online mini CASE symposium
  • 20 October: deadline submission application

On 12 September from 2-4PM CET we organise an online mini CASE symposium in order to bring together all those who are interested. During this symposium, we will 1) present the essentials of EU-COST funding (what is it, what can we do with it, what is the procedure), and 2) present the application that includes everybody's feedback (the objectives, the structure of the network, the working groups, the planned activities). This symposium will be recorded and will be made available afterwards for those who cannot attend on the 12th.

Jochem Willemsen, UCLouvain ([email protected])

Greta Kaluževičiūtė, Vilnius University ([email protected])

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