A decade later

Submitted by Jochem on Feb 23, 2022 in announcement

A decade later

Ten years ago, we announced the creation of the Single Case Archive in a letter to the editor of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. Back then, the archive contained 445 case studies. At present, the SCA board announces in a new review paper accepted for publication in Psychotherapy, that the archive has expanded to contain 3400+ psychotherapy case studies from all theoretical orientations published in 175 peer-reviewed journals between 1955 and 2019. This expansion of the archive has been made possible through the collective efforts of the Single Case Archive Team (Juri Krivzov, Liza Notaerts, Ruth Inslegers, and Joke Vandamme), with the help from a series of research assistants, with funding from the Hercules Foundation and the University of Essex and the generous support from Ghent University and the University of Essex, and thanks to the encouragements from numerous friends and colleagues in the field.

Meganck, R., Krivzov, J., Notaerts, L., Willemsen, J., Kaluzeviciute, G., Dewaele, A., & Desmet, M. (2022). The single case archive: Review of a multitheoretical online database of published peer-reviewed single-case studies. Psychotherapy. https://doi.org/10.1037/pst0000431

For the next ten years, we plan to consolidate our efforts to make case studies more easily accessible through the archive, facilitate meta-studies and reviews of case studies, and stimulate methodological developments in the field of case study research.